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CBT-1®  Clinical Testing as MDR Modulator

Phase II
Phase II study with high dose Cytosine Arabinoside and Daunorubicin in multiple relapsed or refractory AML

Phase II  with Paclitaxel in various advanced relapsed cancers including GI, multiple myeloma, breast, SCLC,NSCLC,ovarian,prostate, cervical and head&neck.

Phase II Pharamcodynamic study of CBT-1® and Paclitaxel evaluating PGP inhibition in tumor and normal tissue conducted in collaboration with the NCI.


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CBA Pharma, Inc. is organized to exclusively manufacture, market, license and distribute to the medical oncology community a drug, CBT-1®, developed to be an effective treatment for cancer that has developed or may develop drug resistance to chemotherapy.
CBT-1®, taken orally as a pill, was developed to reverse multi-drug resistance in cancer cells and to become part of a Cancer Treatment Program that is administered before a cancer cell can become drug resistant.
(MDR) is the phenomenon whereby cells become resistant to a variety of chemotherapy drugs. Resistance of cancer cells to chemotherapy remains the major cause of treatment failure.


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