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Robert K. Oldham M.D.
Medical Director & Vice President of Business Development

Dr. Robert K. Oldham is an internationally recognized cancer specialist and is regarded as a leading pioneer in the development and use of bio­­therapy - the fourth modality in cancer treatment. He is Director of the Lower Keys Cancer Center.

Dr. Oldham attended the University of Missouri at Columbia where his undergraduate studies were in chemical engineering and pre-medical sciences.  He completed his M.D. degree in 1968.  During medical school, he was awarded two PHS Cancer Clinical Research Fellowships.  Dr. Oldham subsequently interned and did his residency in Internal Medicine at the Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville.  He continued his education with a Medical Oncology Fellowship and graduate studies in immunology at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Bethesda, Maryland during 1970-1972.  There he served as Clinical Associate in the Radiation Branch and in the Cellular and Tumor Immunology Section of the Laboratory of Cell Biology.

Research and active leadership in cancer treatment has been the ongoing focus of Dr. Oldham’s professional life.  He left the National Cancer Institute in 1972 to serve as Research Associate with Professor G. Mathe’ at Hospital Paul Brousse in Villejuif, France, then returned as Senior Investigator in the National Cancer Institute’s Cellular and Tumor Immunology Section of the Laboratory of Immuno­diagnosis during 1973-1975.  From 1975-1980 he served as Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Director of the Vanderbilt Cancer Center where he also was Founder and Director of the Division of Oncology.  Dr. Oldham returned to the National Cancer Institute from 1980-1984 to serve as Associate Director of the Division of Cancer Treatment and as Founding Director of the Biological Response Modifiers Program.   In 1984,  Dr. Oldham established the Biomedical Research Center at the University of British Columbia (Founder and Consultant). Later he founded the Biological Therapy Institute and Bio­therapeutics Incorporated (Founder, Scientific Director and Chairman of the Board) in Franklin, TN. Since then, he has also served as Chairman of the Board for Media America, Chairman of the Board and President of American Patient Services and Chairman of the Board and CEO of Cancer Therapeutics Incorporated.   He holds a Clinical Professorship of Medicine in Hema­tology/Oncology at the University of Missouri-Columbia and has been a Clinical Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Florida State University College of Medicine .  Dr. Oldham currently serves as consulting Medical Director and Vice President for Business Development for CBA Research in Lexington, Kentucky.

Dr. Oldham has received several NCI clinical group appointments including the­­ Lung Cancer and Southeastern Oncology Study Groups.  He was the Founder and President of the Society for Biological Therapy and was Founder and Chairman of the National Biotherapy Study Group.  He has also acted as consultant to various companies in the US and abroad such as Gen-Cell (Rhône-Poulenc), Jenner Technologies, Wellcome Biotechnology Ltd. and Amer­sham Corporation in England.   More recently, he has been a senior consultant with the American Red Cross, Cell Genesys Inc., Xcyte Therapies and Maxim Pharmaceuticals.  Dr. Old­ham is the founder and has served as editor-in-chief of three medical journals: Cancer Biotherapy (now Cancer Biotherapy & Radio­­­­­­­­­­pharmaceuticals), Molecular Biotherapy, and Journal of Biological Response Modifiers (now Journal of Immunotherapy).   He is the co-editor of Principles of Cancer Biotherapy’ the first comprehensive textbook on the fourth modality of cancer treatment and has authored or edited fifteen books on cancer treatment and research.  Additionally, he has contributed over 400 papers to the medical/scientific literature and has presented thousands of abstracts, posters, and lectures at various meetings on cancer research and treatment.  Dr. Oldham has received many awards and honors. He holds or has held membership and in 19 professional societies.

Dr. Oldham’s primary mission has been to improve the outcomes for his patients with cancer and blood disorders.



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